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We are the united voice of the streaming community – driving a new era of creativity, opportunity, diversity, value, and choice in home and mobile entertainment. We're fighting for smart policies that will continue to meet audiences where they are and propel streaming innovation forward.


the people have spoken

Over the last 15 years, digital streaming has rapidly become Americans’ favorite way to find and enjoy films, shows, music, games, books, and more. And with its unbeatable mix of quality, options, convenience, and value, the streaming revolution shows no sign of slowing down. 

Watching TV at Home

competition, value, & choice

At a time of heightened concern over corporate power and concentration, video streaming is intensely competitive, with dozens of vibrant options and services delivering unprecedented value and choice. 

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African American Woman Lying Down On Sofa At Home, Choosing Movie On Internet Streaming Se
Film Set
Film Student

new production boom

Streaming has fueled massive investment in video production, including repeated year-over-year records in the production of scripted television (the first half of 2022 saw 357 scripted shows produced, a 16% jump over 2021 and a healthy number for an entire year before streaming!). The result is a creative and cultural bonanza with boundless opportunities for artists, writers, showrunners, and production workers and more quality options for audiences and fans than ever. 

Mother, children and tablet with happy family watching online tv, learning with education

a commitment to diverse voices & underserved audiences

The breadth of streaming options and fierce competition for new subscribers is driving major gains in representation and inclusion across the entire film, television, and streaming industry. In the vibrant and category breaking streaming era, historically underserved audiences have richer options and more choices and diverse creatives have vast new opportunities and more pathways to different audiences and communities than ever. 

responsible, quality services

Video streaming services offer fully licensed, human-curated program catalogs that give subscribers amazing options, choices, and value while allowing them to control their online experience and set healthy, personal limits for their families. These services should not be conflated or confused with online platforms and social networks that feature unvetted user generated material, public profiles, and user-to-user communication.

Watching movies and series with smartphone. On demand (VOD) service. Future multimedia tec

new approaches, not obsolete regulations

Video streaming services do not use public rights of way, airwaves, or spectrum and are not subject to the kinds of regulation and taxation historically reserved for services to offset their use of those public goods. Streaming is something new and different and should be governed by innovative, tailored approaches reflecting the unprecedented competition, value, and choice private sector video streaming services deliver.

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Tv remote controller in hand of customer looking for some content in Smart Tv app for stre

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Learn more about the ongoing revolution in digital media, the current streaming ecosystem, and the benefits to creators and consumers. 

Tv remote controller in hand of customer looking for some content in Smart Tv app for stre
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